The Directors

Club Officers:

President:Dave Verge
Telephone:802-748- 8042

1st Vice President: Jonathan Ross

Treasurer: Reed Garfield
Telephone: (802) 626-9430

Secretary:Dennis Desrocher
Telephone: 802-748-5240

2nd Vice President: Stanley Pekala
Telephone: (802) 684-1032


Board of Directors:

Greg Robbins Ralph Mold  Al Charron
Lester Cleary  Dennis Desrochers  Bill Evans 
Pete Knight  Kandy Petty  Ernie Hazard
Jack Newland Al Charron  Kandy Petty
Ed Poginy  Bill Sargent  Ryan Stewart
Bill Verge  David Verge 

Honorary Directors: 

Andy Fisher Bill Koptis
Beulah McGinnis Tom Moore
Dwight Stahler Larry Tighe

Executive Committee: 

Larry Tighe (2024) Dennis Desrochers (2022)
Kandy Petty (2023) Stanley Pekela (2025)
Jack Newland (2026)


I give my pledge as an American to save and faithfully defend from waste the natural resources of my country, it's soils and minerals, it's forests, waters, and wildlife.

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