Junior Shooting Program

Welcome to the home of the new Junior Shooter Program here at the Club. We hope to have many youth interested in our program, and that they come out and have a great time learning firearm safety, marksmanship skills, and maybe some competitive skills.

On these pages we'll have a few pictures of the junior shooters, results of their shooting, different steps they're learning, and how they are doing along the path of qualification. As they progress, they will receive certificates, patches, and medals for their accomplishments.

April 30th -  First complete month done!  We've welcomed almost ten youth into the program.  We have finished our first Basic Class in Rifle, and the first two members have earned their Pro-Marksman Ratings in Smallbore Rifle.  One continued on to achieve the Marksmans Rating as well.  Congragulations to Eugene and Angela!

We won't be meeting the 4th of May, but the following week we'll be starting on the NRA Basic Pistol Class, finishing a couple of shooters up in the Basic Rifle Class, and continuing into summer!

Looking forward to more fun.



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