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Cal FandS Club Logo-2About the Caledonia Forest and Stream Club:

Caledonia Forest & Stream Club, Inc. was formed in 1910 by a group of sportsmen and women with a desire to conserve our natural resources and to provide an area for individual and family activities in hunting, shooting sports, fishing, and archery.

One of the primary functions of the Club for many years was raising fish to be distributed into Vermont’s rivers and streams by the Fish & Wildlife Department. The breeding and raising of fish was eventually taken over by the state.

Over the years the club has be constantly improved and developed to be one of the best places in New England for individuals to practice  and perfect their marksmanship. 

The Club offers instruction and participation in all aspects of sport hunting and shooting, including Hunter Safety Courses and firearms instruction.  We encourage and support all aspects of shooting sports, including hunting, shooting, reloading, archery, and black powder firearms. We offer several shooting sports to improve ones skill.  We pride ourselves in providing a friendly and welcoming experience for participants of all skill levels.

Conservation and replenishment of our natural resources are of the highest concern to us. We detest reckless or negligent use of property or environmental resources. The Club holds Hunter Safety Courses each year to teach the proper way to use a firearm and the environmental resources available to hunters, and the current laws and regulations affecting the shooting sports. An important part of this instruction is to encourage respect for private property and that personal and property safety are the highest priority.


I give my pledge as an American to save and faithfully defend from waste the natural resources of my country, it's soils and minerals, it's forests, waters, and wildlife.

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Caledonia Forest and Stream Club, Inc.
PO Box 603
Field and Stream Road
St. Johnsbury, VT 05819
Established, 1910

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